Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 50. Eighth Lake Campground, NY to North Creek, NY

The campsite last evening had a view of the lake and was a short walk through an open common grassy area to its bank.  As the sun was setting behind me, I just sat at a bench under a hemlock tree and simply watched a loon fish in the middle of the lake and mallards along its edge.  Of many lessons I have learned on this trip, one of the most enjoyable and rewarding is just to settle down and savor the moment in front of you.  I have not always been good at just "sitting" and relaxing.    As dusk approaches, in vain, I keep an eye out for the moose to grandiosely make an appearance at the edge of the lake.  

The moose never appears, but the stars make a brilliant showing in the early moonless sky.  The clear sky and calm lake create a gorgeous picture that I could not capture on film.  Framed by heavy hemlock limbs and edged by the deep dark sloping hillside, the spectacle of the stars reflecting off the lake like hundreds of fireflies is striking.  So I sit and savor.  

My hopes of an early morning moose sighting are quickly dashed by the heavy fog on the lake.  It is a short, 50 mile day into North Creek, so I am certainly in no rush, especially after yesterday.  I break camp and head out to the ranger stand to better get a gauge of the weather.  The fog is lighter today and I am off in short order.  There are still patches along the route, but it is light and the road has a nice wide, but rough, shoulder.  
The mountains, lakes and towns of Central Adirondacks make for a splendid ride.  You certainly understand why this is a favorite destination of many vacationers.  I have climbed about 10,000 feet in the last few days, but they do not fell arduous with the payoff of the scenery.  

The towns along the route such as Old Gorge, Inlet and Indian Lake are all preparing for the last big summer push of tourist to their towns this Labor Day weekend.  I am preparing as well.  My brother Blake and my nephew Chase will be meeting me here in North Creek for a weekend in the mountains for fishing and white water rafting.  Over the past several years, we have been backpacking on this weekend.  We kept the tradition going this year, sans the backcountry backpacking.  We will probably take an easy hike or two, however.

It has been 21 days and over 1500 miles since my last full day off the bicycle.  I am looking forward to this weekend before we saddle up and finish the trip next Sunday, if all goes well. 

Moose sighting:   0.  Although deer and turkey are still in abundance.  

Song in my head.  Dave Brubeck; Take Five