Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 56. Bath, ME to Belfast, ME

The actual date has often been evasive to me, much less the day of the week.  For the past two months it has been "where today is", not "what today is." However, it seems easier to sense the weekend.  Today was no exception.  There is a different vibe in the air, more people out enjoying activities and events, less rush in the air.

It was a good thing people near Bath, Maine were not in a rush this morning as I was greeted by intervals of a parade of old Model A and Model T cars, (or similar), going counter to my route.  There were old topless jalopies (probably not the right term, but it is what came to mind for me) with men and women in driving gloves and hats of the period riding some of the back roads of Maine.  They looked to be on a specific road race type route, as often there was a co-pilot reading from sheets that seem to be maps or directions.  These cars were pristine and smooth running machines.  Cool to see.

The antique automobile drivers had a great day for driving.  The rains left yesterday and today was an absolutely gorgeous cool day.  The fauna seemed to enjoy it as the daily sighting of deer and turkey were prolific.  Literally spotted over two dozen turkey today.  Most right along the side of the road.  It struck me that with all the roadkill that I have had the unfortunate need to avoid including; deer, skunk, porcupine, ground hog, snakes, hawks, larks, swallows, chipmunks and myriads of others........not one turkey.  Perhaps they are smarter than given credit.

The deer are enjoying the day, especially two that prance and leap high above the tall field grass like a synchronized circus act.  Impressive to watch.

This part of the country is absolutely spectacular.  Mr. Wyman, I can certainly understand why you live up the summer.  Still working on why you live here in the winter.  It has incredible bay views, mountain and lake vistas, all laid out among rolling hills and forest.  Add in the architecture of the Inns and Farmhouses and you understand why US 1 is so busy with traffic and people trying to enjoy the area.

My route keeps me off US 1, for the most part, but I do combine it with back roads and byways.  The highways are typically wide-shouldered, but that benefit is off-set by the traffic and the road trash that takes concentration to avoid.  I do a poor job of the latter as I pick up a rusty sharp metal shard that cuts my front tire.  After little road-side mechanic work that was supervised by two young fellas who stopped to offer help, I was off to meet Brenda for lunch.

In Rockport, we lucked upon a great little farm market and deli that set high on a cliff overlooking a harbor full of sailboats swaying amongst the silver glitter of the rippled water.  The wind coming off the bay was refreshing and crisp, on the verge of cold as Brenda ate a zucchini hot dog (yes, zucchini hot dog) and I devoured my egg salad sandwich.  We could not resist the molasses cookie on our way out and before we parted ways again.

A couple of hours and a total of 4300 feet of climbing later, the pedaling was done for the day as I reached the town of Belfast.  We are staying tonight at a turreted bed and breakfast with antiques and collectibles around every nook and cranny.   We enjoy sitting on the veranda as if in a time past, just resting and talking at tea-time.  A pleasant evening, indeed. It is certainly a far cry from camping in some sketchy city parks of the earlier weeks.

Sunday is a big day.  It is the first weekend of the NFL season and the 'Fins enter the year with hopes of being above mediocre.   They kick off the season in a battle with Washington.  Tottenham also takes on Sunderland in the EPL, hoping to stay above the relegation zone and put Chelsea in that place.  I will probably skip both of those contest as I have a project that needs to be finished.  I can smell the salt water from here.  ("Mainely" because Belfast sits on the Belfast Bay, but you know what I mean.....).

Bar Harbor or Bust.

Moose Search: Nil

Song in my head:  Norah Jones; Creepin' In.