Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Stats update - Just a few days to go

We are on the homestretch and have  exceeded our initial stated goal of $10,000.  Frank Lyons doubled his generosity and put us over the top a few weeks back and we have continued to build on it.  What amazing support for an amazing organization. As we finish this week, let's continue to create awareness among our friends and co-workers about the opportunity that they can help create through their donations to Alliance for Independence.  A reminder, if your company has a matching program, please take the time to process the paperwork to make your donation go further.  

We sit at $10,950 as of this writing.  I think we can break $12,000 this week.  

Thanks again for your incredible generosity and for taking the time to read the blog.  

Cycling Stats. 

100,214 feet climbed 
3,654 miles
286 hours in the saddle.  
57 days
51 riding days 
12 states
8 dog chases
5 flats
4 ferry rides
3 time zones
2 countries 
0 moose