Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 55. Lovell, ME to Bath, ME

Sandi and Pete were the host at the Old Saco Inn where I spent last evening.  They are from Cape Town, South Africa and we commiserated over their homeland for a bit.  My daughter lived in Limpopo, South Africa  over the past three years working at a Rhino Orphanage, so I skated on her coat tails in that conversation.  

Shortly after arrival, Sandi offers to do my laundry.   She chuckles, explaining that they don't offer personal laundry services for guest in cars, only those on bicycles.  Although I am appreciative of the offer, I also don't want to be an inconvenience and am about to "hem and haw" a polite decline when she says "No, I insist".  Much in the same manner someone urges you to take the breath mint they just offered.  On cue, I accept her generosity, excited about starting the day in fresh gear.  

Often rewards first come with challenges.  Today's reward is that I am reunited with my wife Brenda by day's end.  The events of the day do not make it easy.  Brenda has her wallet lost or stolen, so has no drivers license beyond the normal concern over lost credit cards, etc.  Needless to say she is upset.  She was wise enough to have taken her passport, a credit card and a spot of cash separately in her purse, so she can still navigate the air transportation world. Navigating the ground transportation world is another problem.  She can fly anywhere she wants in this land, but can't get a rental car.  Seems odd.  

We initiate plan B, which we just made up.  I am now going to cycle into destination, then rent a car and drive up to the airport and get her.  Ironically, this works out perfectly.   First, because I am renting the car, the free National rental days I have acquired over the years can be used.  Now the rental cost me $14 bucks, total.  Second, we get to take some scenic back roads back to Bath, ME and I get to show her what some of my routes typically look like.    What is more, is that Brenda gets to know all 8 employees at the Bangor Airport while waiting on me for three hours.  Good times.  

Oh, the other obstacles to the day.  Rain, wind, closed roads, detours on steep gravel alternate roads.  None of it mattered.  The reunion was so much fun catching up and having dinner together. Joyous. 

Next to last leg finishes in Belfast, ME today.  I get to have lunch with Brenda along the way, so this should be fun.  

Moose sightings: 0

Song in my head.  Cat Stevens; Wild World.