Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prologue. Portland for Provisions.

Wow.  Can you believe that we have already raised over $3,000 before the first official day.  Thank you all very much.  Amazing.  Please continue to share with all those you know who would be interested and let's crush this goal.  Dan Berman has been the one to make all of this happen. Within a matter of days, we had a site, video, photos and a terrific article from Eric Pera at The Ledger.  

Well, the bike assembly and provision acquisition day went smoothly.  I was able to get the extraneous gear and transport bags shipped back home, stop by REI for fuel and bear spray, and pick up some energy food.  The only hitch today was that my new lock strategy for my Krytpon cable failed.  So that was fun leaving my bike and gear outside while I was foraging a store for a better lock.  Took two stops, but I got what I needed without my stuff being stolen.  Regardless, I had time to bike around Portland a bit.

Portland fantastic.  I have often said if I did not live in FL, I would live in the PacNW. Nothing has changed my mind so far.  I don't think Brenda is of the same mindset.  Weather here today was perfect.  Let's see how long it last. (Hillary, someone had put a simple red sticker that read "eating meat" on stop signs around the area I was in....)

Tour Route
The tour officially kicks off tomorrow from Astoria, OR.  I am excited and anxious to get started after all the preparations and logistics are complete.  I will be doing part of the Lewis and Clark trail, in reverse, for the first several segments.  More on that in the coming days.  Tomorrow is about 84 miles back to Portland.   As I was taking the bus out here tonight, I was lost in a trance of the timber landscape, accompanied by the moan and whine of the Diesel engine as it struggled up some hills.  Then the trance was broken with an inner pang of reality that I had to pedal those again tomorrow in
a two-wheeled tank.  I foresee more moaning and whining.  Actually, I am looking forward to it.

Pandora mix of the day.
Pandora will get me me through many of these miles, I would suppose.  I plan to create a different artist "mix of the day", based on any inspiration or whim.  I would love to hear your suggestions.  For tomorrow, the choice is easy.  Since the most common remark I have gotten regarding this trip is some form of "that is crazy", the inaugural mix will be:   Ozzy (Crazy Train),  Aerosmith (Crazy), Prince (Let's go crazy)

Time to get this started, so look for shorter blogs and more pictures.