Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Tour Details

Arrived safely in Portland, OR.  All the gear arrived as well, apparently after being thoroughly inspected by TSA.  They opened and searched each of my bags and left me little love notes, informing me of same.  Apparently, that test was passed.  So, tomorrow (Wednesday) I only need to assemble the bike, pick up some provisions and catch a bus to Astoria.  

Before I head out, I thought I would share a few of the boring details of the tour, for those so inclined.  
Um, enjoy?
Theoretically, the post will be more interesting (dare we say mesmerizing ) going forward.  


  • Ridgeback Panorama  

    • Gear Set: Shimano Deore XT
    • Chainrings: 48/36/26T
    • Shimano Cassette 11-32 9sp
    • Pedals: Shimano M324 SPD
    • Rims: Alex DH-19  36H
    • Hubs: Shimano Deore
    • Tires: Continental Contact 
    • Weight: 13.7kg
  • Unsupported (Code for: me, my bike and about 19kg of gear)
  • 6100km+ (3800mi+)
  • 14 States: WA, OR, ID MT, ND, MN, WI, MI, OH, PA, NY, VT, NH, ME
  • 2 Countries (Going into Canada -- just because)
  • 59 Days:  52 Pedaling, 7 Rest 
Partial Packing List:
  • Ortleib Panniers -- Front and Back
  • Tubus front and rear racks
  • Sierra Designs Tent, Sleeping Bag, Therma-Rest NeoAir mattress
  • Off-bike clothing:  1 Pant, 2 shirts, Capilene base layers, Adidas Watershoe
  • On-bike clothing: Helmet, Bolle Sunglasses, Gloves, 2 kits, 2 socks, arm/leg warmers, MTB shoes
  • Two jackets: Frogg Togg Rain, Arcteryx Gamma Softshell
  • Safety: Bear Bag, Bear Spray, First Aid Kit
  • Camp Equip: MSR Water filter, JetBoil Flash Cook System, Bushnell HD Legend
  • Bike Tools/Equip: Crank Bros Multi19, Leatherman Micro, Knife, 2 tubes, 1 tire
  • Book: (Yes, I know you can read them electronically -- its not the same)
  • Maps: AdventureCycling.com have great route maps
  • Electronics:  GoPro, iPad mini, iPhone, Mophie Battery
  • Advil, SeatSaver, Aquaphor, Skinners, BioFreeze (you get the picture)